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ASIAN-EUROPEAN Master of Science in Food Science and Technology Thailand

Asian-European Thailand executive training programme and research for agro-industry is a programme co-funded by the commission of the European Communities to raise the level of networking in education between Europe and Asia. The programme is organised by the consortium and all training sessions are hosted by Kasetsart University in Thailand.

The project  has been implemented since 2001 and is centralized at SEAMEO-SEARCA in the Philippines with three other partners from France, Malaysia and Thailand. Even with the success of the first run, the project implementers will continuously improve the programme as it offers its' second run from year 2003 to 2005. The executive training program has been accepted internationally and will now involve two news partners from the European region: United Kingdom and Netherlands.

This project is organized by the consortium from the best universities and research institutions in Europe and Southeast Asia and guarantees academic excellence. All members from the consortium work collaboratively in terms of developing the course contents, selecting international teaching and conducting student exchange research programmes between Asia and European universities or institutions.

With the utmost dedication of the collaborators of the consortium, this project promises an excellent and efficient training and research in food science and technology for the global food industry.The consortium consists of:


ENSIA (National Food Engineering Institute) FRANCE

Wageningen University NETHERLANDS

Greenwich University



Project Overview

To impact the food industry, transforming technology is critical between Europe and the Asian region. The training project delivers three important programs as follows:

  • Asian-European Master of Science in Food Science and Technology

  • Asian-European Vocation Intensive Training

  • Research and Project Consulting for Food Industry

All training sessions are hosted at the Faculty of Agro-Industry, Kasetsart University - a prestigious university specializing in the agricultural field in Thailand. The research and project study part may be conducted in any laboratories of the consortium.

Master of Science in Food Science & Technology

The international Master of Science and Technology is tailored to train high skilled resources for the industry especially for research and development. The  program contains all course work for principals and practical food technology as well as industrial related subjects.

To achieve a Master's Degree the student has to complete 9 consecutive modules of coursework for 9 months in Kasetsart University and another 10 months for the thesis with an appointed supervisor from the consortium either in Southeast Asia or Europe. A student meeting all requirements will receive a Master's Degree in Food Science and Technology specialised in Agro-Industry Studies, granted by the National Food Science Engineering Institute (ENSIA).

The completion of coursework is designed for full-time students for the period of 9 consecutive months. The coursework is comprised of 9 modules as follows:

  • Physico-chemical properties of food.
  • Advanced food processing.
  • Applied food processing.
  • Food microbiology and safety.
  • Food fermentation.
  • Marketing and product development.
  • Industrial feasibility study.
  • Research methodology and experimental design.
Vocational Intensive Training

This program is intentionally for the staff development of professionals working in large food-manufacturing companies. With the teaching teams from both European and Asian regions, innovative food technology topics and important issues for food industry directly related to the demand of global food business, will be discussed and effectively transferred through the intensive short training course.

Some examples of training topics are:

  • Hygiene and quality management in food industry.
  • Fermentation techniques in food industries.
  • Membrane technology.
  • Food business creation.
  • Applied research method for food industry.
  • Food market and trend analysis.

Research or Project Consulting for food industry

With the academic collaboration from the consortium, the program offers a good opportunity for food industry to consult for research or projects that may be pursued without concern for limitations of research facilities and experts.

Research and projects will be conducted through student thesis under the supervision of an academic member from the consortium.

The analysis part of research may be conducted in any of the laboratories of the consortium, either in Europe or the Asian region. The research results will only be disseminated to the private company and depends on the contract agreed by the sponsoring company, the student and the supervisor.   Program of Agro-Industry Technology Management
Faculty of Agro-Industry
Kasetsart University
50 Praholyothin Rd, Jatujak
Bangkok Thailand 10900

Program of Agro-Industry Technology Management
Faculty of Agro-Industry
Kasetsart University
50 Praholyothin Rd, Jatujak
Bangkok Thailand 10900


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